I feel rather

unloved 15 characters

and alone…all 15 characters worth of it

Maybe take a trip down to the local animal shelter :smiley: There’s plently of cute guys and girls just begging to love you forever :wink:

When I was younger I used to want romance. From what I’ve heard about a lot of relationships, having no one is better than having those relationships. I’ve been in only one long term relationship in my life, and I found it unsatisfactory. She had no ideas or creativity in her soul. Now I am faced with an old age with no one to comfort me. I’m not too worried about it.
You need to get out and circulate if you want a relationship. Sitting and moping at home is no good. You can’t get anyone if you never go out. Maybe you could try internet dating sites. They might help you.

Take the initiative. Share your love with others.

Jot down your strengths and talents, and be content generally, you will feel less lonely.