I feel pumped!

So for the past 2 days I’ve been running on a total of 8 hours sleep, so 4 hours a night both nights, and I just felt great the past 2 days! I’ve been taking care of myself and getting so much done, even if it’s not a lot, I finally began cleaning and I’ve written a lot in my journal too. Anything that felt previously hard to do (like bathing or brushing my teeth) is really easy. My mood has elevated too, I actually am enjoying things.
I’m honestly fretting a potential crash though…I feel like I’m going through a hypomanic state right now. Hopefully if I do crash, it won’t be too bad.

I feel like doing so much right now, I might make a blog for my experiences and stuff like that.


Good luck but these shorts nights are suspicious… :slight_smile:

Thank you!
I know right? Makes me weary about them, but hopefully nothing too bad happens!

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Crashing isn’t any fun. I hope you gradually get more sleep. Good luck.

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I haven’t truly experienced a crash before, but my mood episodes seem to be slowly getting stronger, so it worries me that I’ll feel something this time around.
Thanks, I may force myself to sleep if I can help it!


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