I feel psychotic today

My neighborh woke me at 10 to drink a coffee with him, I was annoyed because I sleept so much, after that I took 1 xanax 0.5 (idk why I took more then the usual 0.25) and I felt sleepy and unmotivated plus every feeling I had was so intense, I was fragile.

Then I drank a hell energy drink and got to school, the first hour I was feeling fine, after that the feeling that everything is more intense bugged me again.

I just took half a xanax and drank another coffee, the 4 latte today for today.

Now I am in my train going home, I feel fragile, alert and at the bring of collapse

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How do you feel now?

A little better because I did this post


Be careful exceeding benzo dose :grimacing:. Very addictive drug and dangerous. You can die from withdrawal to it. Take it as prescribed. !!


I take 1mg a day. It makes me feel better, I don’t have thoughts of abusing it anymore


Do you usually drink coffee with your neighbor every morning? Sounds like a nice morning ritual.

When you say you feel psychotic, what specific symptoms are you having, if you don’t mind sharing? Do you feel unsafe or is this just a minor flare up?

As a funny side note since you mentioned Xanax: When I first saw my current pdoc I had to fill out the typical questionnaire. For my current scripts I forgot to put the ‘.’ on my .5 of xanax. My pdoc acted like I was insane and said he wasn’t even sure they wrote prescriptions for it that high. I kept worrying he though I was trying to trick him so I could sell my scripts or something.

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I am better today, I was feeling everything more intense, I was on the edge… After 12 hours of sleep I am better. Thank you


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