I feel pretty uncool

Whenever I am outside making social life I feel like the less cool of the people I am with. It´s not social anxiety, more like a feeling of “uncoolness”.

Cognitive and negative syntoms, weight gain, social incompetency, anhedonia…

This would be mostly the reason why I mostly prefer to spend my time alone, but you need to start somewhere if you want to acclimate yourself to social situations…


I feel semi uncool when no one talks to me or not recieving a lot of attention or negative attention


I’ve done so many cool things that I’ve built up a surplus. I’ve done so many cool things that I can be lame for the rest of my life and still be cool.

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I feel totally nerdy and uncool. I’ve always been my whole life. I’ve done an awful lot of really cool things. That doesn’t make me cool though. I’m too eccentric and isolative to be cool.


Who cares about being cool?

Trust me, it’s not a feeling worth living.

Being cool can make you become addicted to drugs, get thrown in jail, or worse.

Live your life. Do things that make you happy, and not seem cool.


This is why I hang out with mi people. They are more on my wave lentgth


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