I feel not understood, totally

I want to open about it. People honeslty ask why I read so much stuff about wars, why I comment on horrible articles on facebook. In news portals. Why I share my opinion and try to be altruistic, and help other people.

they feel amazed when I say I can spend hours on watching on youtube videos about prostitution, human trafficking and etc.
And hell I don’t know what to say.

I know I was in danger when I was a child. If I would met that men in reality (he was blackmailing me online, he invited me to meet in real life but I denied, even though I was 9 I was smart) I could be human trafficked.

Also, I overthink why I watch taboo videos, probably, because I care so much and I want to know why some people are so unlucky in life. How they feel.

People say stuff I do makes no sense. “You should more concentrate on yourself, your life, not on something what you cannot change”
But I can’t. :slight_smile: I am even too much self-absorbed in my opinion.

I feel like my closest people circle don’t get me. Literally.
Maybe someone else feels the same? I mean, maybe people around you don’t understand you? no matter how hard you try to explain why you do what you do?

I have not made those circles firm yet but have started it.

Because we need to draw the circle well.

Perhaps to understand everything better, we have to experience the lows along with the highs.

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