I feel no stress

Ever since I took reishi and other herbal supplements, I have no stress. During, and prior, to being admitted to the hospital for mental health problems, I was experiencing insignificant amounts of stress. I felt no fluctuations in my emotions, I was stable. The problem was, I was having “odd thoughts”. It was like I was really, really stupid and had dementia. For whatever reason, they called this schizoaffective disorder.
Prior to being admitted to the hospital, I was also experiencing some symptoms of simple partial seizures. After reading up on the effects of reishi and some other herbal substances, I came across studies that say they increase neurotrophins in the brain; specifically BDNF. Here’s a link to some of the effects of too much BDNF:neuroscience - Why could too much BDNF be detrimental in terms of depression and memory? - Psychology & Neuroscience Stack Exchange
If you read this, it says too much BDNF can cause memory deficits AND seizures.

I had a theory that increasing the amounts of neurotrophins in my brain would turn me into a super genius. Then I found evidence that it may actually lead to things like autism and, when the brain becomes desensitized to the neuro-chemicals, schizophrenia-like brain.

To date, I have had no symptoms. I experience no negative or positive symptoms. I had some “delusions”, which were more like inappropriate and “low iq” thoughts. I acted aggressively, because I forgot how to act like a normal human being. The whole time I felt stable in my emotions, but they said I was experiencing symptoms of an affective disorder. They also made stuff up like that I wasn’t talking to other people in the hospital or that I was taking xanax, when I don’t take xanax and my toxicology report reflected that. I told them I was taking herbs that were like xanax, and they made some stuff up.

Anyway, I don’t take those herbal supplements anymore. Do any of you think it’s possible the herbs gave me symptoms that aren’t a permanent feature of my brain chemistry? Do any of you think I had schizoaffective disorder but the herbs triggered an episode? The first time this happened, the psychiatrist eventually said it was the reishi that caused my psychosis and took me off the medication, and removed my diagnosis. The current doctor says because I’ve had more than one psychosis incident now, that she’s “90-95%” sure I have schizoaffective disorder.


Some more insight into the no stress thing.
I was taking a LOT of reishi. Like 10-50 grams a day of a 10:1 extract; the equivalent of 100-500 grams of dried reishi.

I’m not sure on the herbs.
I know some substances can cause psychosis.

Hopefully you and your pdoc can come to a diagnosis; in case the herbs didn’t cause it, and you have schizoaffective disorder.

I agree that it’s possible. I’m not saying I don’t have schizoaffective disorder, I’m just curious as to whether or not there’s another explanation for my behavior and symptoms.