I feel much better because i see the "light"

for the first time in my life, this is really really wierd, but, i finally realize my mom loves me. all my life i was paranoid about her. unbelievable but true.

i am so glad i see her for the beautiful person she is now.

i hope this lasts.



When I think about the things I put my parents through I feel like I am lucky that they never stopped giving me support. They had their flaws, but they did their best to take care of me.


my parents were also great, but, i have to admit, i always favored my Dad to a terrible degree.

my mom did a whole lot for me and i hope i have plenty of time to appreciate her.

hugs, judy


My parents are my allies. Not my enemies as I once thought.

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that is such great news ! how beautiful it is that you feel loved. everyone needs love.

i have always felt desperate for love. i hope i learn to calm down about it.

there’s so much we have to do for ourselves and so much to enjoy even when alone so… maybe the pain of aloneness will dissipate.



That’s the spirit, Judy !! stay on the sunny side of life. Life is too short. So pleased to hear you speak so focused.