I feel like there's secretive things happening behind my back

Like ever since my ex’s twitter was hacked by Russians, and then he was in the news and had to go to Supreme Court to talk about how an operative he worked, why he killed himself. This is all real, I swear. I found the transcripts online.

I’m worried that Russians are doing things behind my back.

This to me all sounds like schizophrenia, but since it happened to me and has even evidence to prove it, I just wonder what’s true. Like I think even I would wonder if I was really schizophrenic if I was a stranger given all the weird things that actually have happened.

How do you know that the hackers were Russians?

They wrote something in Russian and these Russian schoolgirls were posted too. They talked about it in the papers with reference to my ex.

Sounds like some classic delusions to me. I got the russian prob. too.

Might want to up those meds @flowers20

It’s schizophrenia. Your mind is playing tricks on you. Speak to a dr. They’ll know how to medicate and treat your symptoms, but you need to accept that it is schizophrenia and that is a real condition or disease.

If it’s not schizophrenia, it is definitely sounding like a form of psychosis - so you really should seek psychiatric help for what you are being led to believe.

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Like with my dictator fear, even if they turn me into that, they can’t force me to do something bad right?

Drs won’t force you to do anything bad,

You need medication.

I mean when they kidnap me. If they give me plastic surgery making me look like the dictator and using me as a way to verify assassinations by my presence alone, is there a way out of this? Would this be bad, and is there a way out of this?

yea talk to your pdoc… you need to get your meds adjusted…

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