I feel like shiiit

I called my psychiatrist and he told me to take a benzo and to up the dose of clozapine. I am a bit better, but my head is a mess.

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Did you used to take drugs or smoke weed?

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No, not often 666/999

So you did before, was wondering how your delusions got so bad lol np everyone has their past

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It’s not that bad, he’s here isn’t he. So some sanity at least :wink:

Guys, it’s a really difficult situation.
My mind is open. I am out of this world

Open open. I mean external things come inside my mind. I mean internal things go outside of my mind. Skull is transparent

I feel your pain brother

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I am semi-psychotic. In such cases i do things I regret afterwards

After taking benzo,my mouth has a foul taste

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