I feel like sh!t but not depressed

How is it possible? 15

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Is the answer schizophrenia?

In what way do you feel like ■■■■? I usually feel like ■■■■ too

I feel nothing and feel like sh!t at the same time.

I feel stupid. 15

I feel like sh!t because of meds

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I feel stupid with or without meds.
I wonder if I have mental disability.
Do you feel like that?

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I feel like I can’t learn anything overly complicated yes

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I see mentally disabled ppl able to work and be married. I can’t either. Schizophrenia can be worse than mental disability.

It’s probably partially the drugs. Low dopamine = Low ability to learn.

Yeah schizophrenia is the most debilitating disease we are the most unlucky people in the world to get it and such a small percentage of people get it too

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I have the same problem

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But without meds I am stupid too because of paranoia. High dopamine? How to have normal dopamine levels then?

Well thats the problem isn’t it. All our Ap’s block dopamine. so…lose/lose

We are screwed with and screwed without APs


well good That you feeling.sometimes i cant feel anything.oh maybe because im depressed too.yeah its just a feeling hey.

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Sometimes I feel depressed too, I get suicidal. I tried to kill myself 4 times in the past, 2 times were nearly successful.

I will ask my psychiatrist for antidepressants to stop depression at least. It will be better to just have schizophrenia negative symptoms.

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I take an antidepressant. Although, I’m not sure it does anything. My pdoc prescribed them when I said that I didn’t enjoy anything. Said “it sounds like depression”…but I still have a hard time enjoying anything but food so…like i said…not sure if they do much.

I took Wellbutrin, it just made me worse.