I feel like scaring my face again

I have the urge to slice three verticle marks above and three below my right eye…its more because i like how it looks than anything plus my gods like blood and i havent offered any this year…is this a bad idea…its not to try and off my self just facial scarring for looks…ive done this before with a razor but the scars are thin so i was thinking of doing it with a toothed edge blade this time…

Please don’t, it would hurt really bad, could go very wrong and even get infected. Not safe :frowning:

Please don’t hurt yourself. If you feel the urge is too unbearable call a crisis line.

Don’t do it. Period. My tattoos are taboo too. And @Minnii is right. At least talk to someone about it.

Definitely don’t do it on your own. An infection in that area could cause you to lose your eye.


I clean my cuts i can stitch if required or superglue. Its not to hurt my self its like tattooing its mostly for the look…but i will heed the advice givin and atleast consult someone.


We make excuses so we can hurt ourselves but it’s never okay to hurt ourselves.

In other news, I found a potato reference in amsterdam but can’t upload it to the forum

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I would strongly advise against tattooing yourself, too. A professional can do this safely.

I understand that you’re looking at it like art! But speaking as someone with experience with serrated knives, it’s best to let a professional consider this.



Please elaborate on this potato refrence uou found…and you all answered this nicely
I see now it is not the best idea so i will hold off.


It was a postcard with a potato joke. I will upload it in Lisbon with good internet :slight_smile:


Oh gosh that looks just like my now 18 year old kitty when I first got her!

@flameoftherhine Not sure what country your in, but here in the US, putting scars on your body doesn’t carry the same meaning as in the countries that support these rituals, and can only get you noticed in a negative way.

If it’s something that’s part of your heritage, you wouldn’t want to draw attention to the actual process until it’s well healed and no one can mistake you for being a harm to yourself.


How would i hide facial lacerations lol…bandaids would bring more attention than the actual cuts…the only negative comment received the first time was my friends kid said i looked like scar from lion king…all the people i know in this town might make a bear or rake joke and the ones i dont know dont say anything…im already the guy that was gonna rip out his eye but cut his palm to the bones instead…im not worried about how i am viewed in this small town lol…

You should care about yourself. Damn, it’s hard I know. We do these things to prove to ourselves we don’t. But in the end we do, so hold on to the part of yourself that loves you and takes care of you and try and let go of the rest that ruins you.

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Dude, no! You would not get the same results your god did. Best to keep both of them and use them wisely.

Oh i know 6 months ago i lost it completely im medicated now…the voices were telling me odin wants my eye and he will give me the gift of rune knowledge…i had a guitar string and a spoon in my eye socket…i stopped myself from pulling by slicing my palm the blood appeased them and i went to a mental facility…

I dont have that urge any more…this is just cosmetic cuts…