I feel like Satan has put maggots under my skin

I have itchy spots all over and even bruises where I have tried to get them out.

I Can Assure You. That Here On Earth. Here in Reality. There Are No Tiny Harmless Creatures Inside of Your Body in Any Way. Unless!, You’ve Been Eating Raw, Uncooked Meat. Then Yuu Might Want to Go See a Doctor About Parasites.

For Example, Tapeworms.

So. In Conclusion. Yuu Have No Maggots Under Your Skin. And Don’t Eat Uncooked Meat.

Good Luck!.


DJ Nosferatu Bat (sleepoptimistic)

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When I was psychotic I thought god put spiders in my butthole

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There was a sz guy on reddit (sz section) who thought that he had a bomb in his butthole and jumped while taking a dump. He thought there was diamonds in his sh!t. Schizophrenia can do anything.

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You don’t have maggots under your skin. Tell your pdoc so you can get a med adjustment. Your meds aren’t working.

Without meds I felt that I had insects on my body and they were biting. I was scratching myself all day.

@Aziz yeah, the guy who thought the voices put a grenade in his bum while he was shitting. Poor guy!

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That must be scary.

In hindsight (get it?) delusions like that seem pretty silly.

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