I feel like my life is in danger

If a student finds out that I have psychosis, it will be the end of my degree.

I’ve never been so threatened in my life, nor I ever felt like my life is in danger.

Maybe I’m overexaggerating this stigma but after finding out that a girl died from getting bullied by classmates because she had depression, I’m honestly scared of going to uni now.

I worry that I will end up like that girl.

I’m honestly so scared of people that I hope that my uni does zoom calls until my degree ends.

I don’t want to get harrassed or made fun of because of my mental illness. I just want to live.

Keep to yourself if you’re worried.

I had a psychotic episode at University, and I didn’t get bullied - people just avoided me

Was much different than high school

Don’t worry do take your meds on time and it will do the trick.
I worked in a corporate company for 3.5 years and people did know my condition. There were many instances where it triggered while interacting with them, I just did what’s supposed to be done- work hard.

Funny thing is because of my individual performance I got an incentive award(Sony TV) plus a promotion as Quality Analyst.

Don’t worry what others do, every one is unique in their own way.

All I could say is don’t doubt, take your meds on time and you can be the best at class.

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i dont think anyone is going bully you because your mental illness. take your medication youll be fine.

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