I feel like my delusions are based in an unprobable reality

i have some deep delusions that just seem unprobable that it is really that way. I keep hearing new voices that have never seen me but its like they are just passing by and see me. First they are like who is that then they get closer and dont like me, sometimes they like me for a little while but they usually turn bad and say im a demon. They watch me take a shower and go to bathroom.

Now im trying to be rational and say is in the spirit realm really random people that can eves drop on any life, Like where are these voices are they in heaven looking at people on earth, or some other dimension where they can see us but we cant see them. Like how can they go about living their life in the spirit realm and at the same time see me on earth. It doesnt even make sense and seems impossible. I try to think rational and it just doesnt seem like in reality it would be that way. Some random spirit walking or what ever who can see earth people and everything they are doing. I cant stop from hearing the voices but i can choose to believe what i am believing is just not rational and most probable just a delusion that isnt really real. Usually id talk to them in my head and try to reason with them, but am i trying to reason with something that is not even there. So i think the best thing to do is just try to ignor it the best i can and dont believe the delusion. Although i am experiencing that random spirits who dont know me or just discovered me the rational side to me wonders if it even makes sense and is ludicris. What am i believing…im tired its stupid


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