I feel like lowering your bf% is a mental game

if you are into the hoarding state of mind, you will gain fat rather than slim down

I’ve been a hoarder even if I was skinny most my life. It’s only become a small problem when i have to take meds

I’m gonna stay in the state of mind where if I own weight mentally, I’ll over eat, binge eat, so I will not do that as my mental game will end up reflecting on my physique. The meds shall stay in my blood stream due to the benefits, but i would like to be thinner at the same time and that starts with letting go of mental weight

If you munch on rice cakes and bean sprouts you’ll be fine

I just eat the same things every day and do aerobic exercise like calisthenics and shadow boxing

It’s all about meds and diet and exercise


good looking lad, but i would say what works for one person is not really guaranteed to work for someone else. I know what works for me, it’s about consistency and letting go of mental weight. My diet is ok tho

Well it’s basically just amount of calories in and calories burned

Whatever makes that happen makes it happen!

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Yes, Mouse, I used to think it was all calories in and calories burned, but now I know it is also about regulating the appetite. That is, if we eat nothing but pasta, our system is going keep craving meals hoping for more minerals and such, and if we exercise, the appetite is likely going to be healthy as well.


I find certain things work better than others, I had an easier time with my weight doing pilates 3x week and running half an hour 2 nights a week than I did just running an hour every day.

I found this book useful, a no nonsense approach.

Dr Jeffrey Life…

Hey there Mortimer Mouse.

You said you eat the same food every day.

What is it you eat every day?

Doesnt that get boring?

Do you always have same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
or do you have same thing for breakfast and dinner but have variety for dinner?

Mental game is definitely key but there are things that aren’t so much in our control that can affect us. For some of us, meds can affect our weight in ways that diet and exercise can do little to combat. This is all dependent on our individual bodies and what we are taking. Some drugs will just straight ■■■■ up your metabolism and you can diet and exercise all you want and get minimal results. Plenty of other things can factor in, too – genetics or underlying conditions. I felt awful about my weight and eating habits on many drugs and the big reason I felt so bad was because I thought I should be in full control yet I couldn’t stop certain behaviors. I grew up as a serious athlete and things changed suddenly when I took my first antipsychotic. It’s really important to figure out why your body is where it is if you are trying to change something. If I knew what was being done to me from the meds I would have changed my mental game and had different goals and expectations based on the facts of what I was working with. Part of success (with anything) is being able to properly define it. I’ve seen a lot of people feel badly about themselves because of med weight. The weight isn’t good but we can’t beat ourselves up for a lot of it. If we do then we could be ignoring positive effects of the medicine and the self blaming could be making our symptoms worse which could in turn add stress and more weight.

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I just eat the exact same things at the same times and like to eat a pizza every weekend to add some calories to my diet. It’s not uncommon for athletes to do this.

I eat burritos, rice, spinach, fish, shredded wheat with whey and whole milk, rice cakes, green pea crisps, and in the weekends a pizza and crisps when I feel like it.

I’ve been at the whole nutrition and exercise thing for a long time man. It’s just part of the day like showering and taking a dump.


Just eat juicy fruits.

Not the juice “Juicy Fruit”, actual fruits with juice. My 56 year old Dad did that and his nearly vanished in a couple weeks.

I agree it’s a mantal game. Purely mental.

It’s all a life style change. One thing to tone anther to try and be a sculptured. Most weight lifters end up putting huge amounts of weight on when they stop for example. As just to much work to maintain and are other aspects in their life they want to explore. Balance of work rest and play. Did better eating less and moving more. Have lost like 40kg (about 88lbs) since November with no med change. Still have the odd treat as if I don’t have it end up craving it more. In the case of mortimermouse have to question some of his supplements he is taking. No idea why he is in denial as seems so obvious. Including steroid psychosis.

I highly doubt that @mortimermouse is on steroids or is in denial.

Yeah I have been suspect and thus tested for steroids throughout my career

Came back not only clean but low testosterone lol

Never fail to underestimate the power of insanity

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True dat!!!


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Funny from what mortimermouse has posted his pdoc agrees with me??!!??

Dr Jeff Life on the Dr Phil Show.