I feel like I'm stuck somewhere

I feel like I’m suffocating but I’m breathing at the same time?

I’m not psychotic but I’m really depressed. It’s like having a disease that slowly kills you.


Same here. Fifteen. :-1:

ok let me try to cheer you up please. yesterday the air plus sun was so cold clean and delicious. going outside even for two minutes was a refresher for the whole day.

try it. get some fresh air!!!

love you, judy


That’s good that where you are the air is clear and fresh. Here it’s bloody cold and gloomy.

I will try to get out and experience fresh air, but I’m physically disabled and I cannot go out by myself.

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Briefly. Sometimes you can find a good reason why you are feeling depressed. Have you recently experienced a loss, either of something tangible or of something symbolic? Have you been whispering inside your head excessive self criticism?
Sometimes the depression is short lived while you need to experience it to learn something. If this is true, you will need to try to be patient.
Sometime depression seems to last of weeks. I don’t have any simple answers for that. I think “ifeelblessed” gave some excellent advice and I think you should give her ideas a chance.

i am very sorry laetitia that you are having a difficult time. i didn’t know and if i was being insensitive to you i apologize.

i hope you feel much better really soon.\


I feel like that but from severe sz negative symptoms. I guess your depression is treatment resistant?

They’re treatment resistent, my psychiatrists tried everything. At the end they said that there is no treatment for sz negative symptoms :slightly_frowning_face:

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