I feel like i'm dying

Okay so the past 10 months I’ve been bouncing through antipsychotic meds. Seroquel, invega, abilify, and now I’m on latuda, have been since the fourth. But on the 15th she told me to cease taking latuda due to tardive dyskinesia,she also took me off my alprazolam which I’ve been on for five years 6mg daily and gave me valium as a taper. I’m going through he.ll right now and wonder if I should change providers

Most likely you’re going through withdrawal as well as start-up side effects. It will pass, but you need to report these things to your doc so they know what’s going on.

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I doubt switching providers would solve your problem,

Especially if you are seeking to get back on benzos.

Doctors are very skeptical of new patients wanting high doses of benzos right off the bat.

What are you going to take after stopping the latuda?

What prompted your doctor to take you off the alprazolam?

She said she didn’t want me on it anymore and to try diazepam. With the latuda she took me off for td And I got gabapentin and clonidine for withdrawals at least I think that’s what they’re for but I’ve been having day long panic attacks and my hallucinations are coming back. I’ve returned to cutting after a year to try to relieve the anxiety, but it didn’t help I think my only option is inpatient treatment

Goodluck with that hopefully they get you on the right meds.

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