I feel like I'm developing schizotypal personality disorder

Can you get it from schizophrenia or have both?

Maybe I don’t have sza. I feel like I’m literally going crazy but it’s just a feeling or belief. I have derealization, odd beliefs like scientific evidence for past lives. I have memories of past lives. It feels so real. I feel like I want to create a following/religion out of it but then again I don’t because I don’t want to be crazy, get a back lash, or get attention. I feel uncomfortable around people and don’t have many friends. I sometimes dress weird.

I think I may need to go inpatient. I really need to get rid of this parallel universe ■■■■/past lives ■■■■. I feel I’m becoming eccentric or at least my thoughts.

STPD is a diagnosis used for people who do not progress past the prodromal stage

The symptoms associated with STPD are comparable to those experienced in residual psychosis, but patients who have STPD do not go on to experience the full range of diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia.

This is why the diagnostic window for STPD is 2 years, the prodromal phase is generally agreed to last 2 months to 2 years. If the patient makes it through two years without developing the full range of symptoms, it is considered unlikely that they will.

STPD is kinda like the aspergers of schizophrenia. It’s a different place on the spectrum.

I haven’t done as much research on SZA, but from what I have heard from those diagnosed, it is a combination of schizophrenia and a mood disorder.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I spend a great deal of time researching and talking about the particulars with my clinician to try and get a better understanding of the illness.

Well thanks. In my case it’s complicated and don’t feel like unraveling the mess right now. I’m calmed down a bit. I will consider carefully inpatient at a better hospital, but right now I’ll just stick to my current outpatient plan.

Derealization is definitely a possibility, and it’s a pretty rough symptom that’s very hard to pin down. It took me a while to understand that’s what was happening to me.

Well my derealization isn’t bothering much anymore. It used to be hell so thank god for that. My main problem is my thoughts. I think I’m getting chronic déjà vu, that’s that I think happened in a past life/parallel universe, thoughts that I need adderall or that I need to get my doctor to prescribe me it, despite the thoughts it might make me worse ( self-destruction), looking up triggering videos, and false memories of past lives.

Also thoughts that I need an anticonvulsant or that I need to change meds or get off meds.

Do you listen to music often? I find it helps me focus a lot and avoid spiraling off. If you need some new music to listen to, i’m definitely your guy.

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Do you know any trance music? It’s my favorite.

I know of a decent amount of electronic music, not entirely sure about trance in particular. Here are some guys you may like though.

This is an excellent remix of a submarines song

And this is the funkiest electropop band i’ve ever heard

Hmm interesting. I like the first song the best. I never heard of that type of music being called trance. Thanks for sharing. I need to get into different types of music.

Oh yeah Tame Impala is great. :3

I’m not too familiar with the specific genre of trance, so I just went with some cool electronic music I knew of haha

This is a really cool video you should check out, it’s a remix of Knights in White Satin by the Moody Blues

Hey @astefano, do you know Ajja? Great trance musician.

That said, I’m kinda worried about you. I also have beliefs about past lives, but I chose to dismiss them as my deluded mind that can come up with all these reasonable explanations for everything my conscious mind thinks of. I also have dreams that I think are memories and vivid memories of past lives I can’t seem to shake off. This disease plays tricks on us, we can choose two things, first to believe them and live our lives in misery because no one understands us. Second, we can choose to understand that we not really know, and leave it at that, otherwise we’ll drive ourselves crazy, and that’s certainly not the point of recovery with this illness.

A friend once told me that all we take from life is experience, and I thought that if any of my experiences are real than all these unusual beliefs I have, have to be true as well. Now, thinking about it, I believe my experiences can be taken as metaphores, I still want to know why I have these thoughts, but I made a solid decision to stop living so much inside my head and start living in the world that is now, in this life, in this body, in this reincarnation or whatever, that is given to me.

The present moment and all that it is, is actually all that we have. You can feel your body, you can recognize the reality sorrounding you.

Hope you can read something into what I said here. We can also believe some of the delusions if they’re unshakable, just don’t waste our entire time on them.

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