I feel like if ppl dying everyday

for 10 years i been ill
every year or two i hear ppl r dying
untill now
now time between these deaths r removed and i feel like if ppl are dying everyday
people from all fields of life
that make me very afraid i may die soon
recently my father seriously ill
i see him by my eyes
no one tell me about
anyone help me
i have sad ideas about life


That’s awful that you feel that way. Can you see a therapist to work through it? I talk to my therapist via online appointments due to covid. So it’s possible even with a lockdown

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Hope your father gets better soon. Not everyone who is ill dies. Hope you feel better soon too.

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i went to him
but he didnt add any new meds
frustrating but i am coping

Not your pdoc. I mean a therapist that you meet with and talk to for 45 minutes to an hour on a regular basis. Therapists don’t prescribe meds.

i dont hv such therapist
you r right
i should hv go to therapist not pdoc


You still can go to a therapist:)

ask your pdoc to sent you to a therapist? he prob knows some in your area. For me therapists never helped much though…

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Same for me, they just made me depressed and stressed :slightly_frowning_face:

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As a person who is expecting herself to deteriorate due to her genetic disorder, yes…there are a lot of people who are struggling.

It makes me really sad.

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yea same here… =(

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