I feel like I will get exposed

I feel like I have shared too much about myself on the forum and I feel kind of scared.

I made a huge mistake.

I’m strongly considering anomynizing my account.

I feel like people are going to spot my identity on the forum and call me a dangerous folk.

I’m scared.

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Paranoia is a cruel master and it’s very seductive that kind of thinking. It’s hard but no one here is out to do you harm and that is a fact. I’m sorry your feeling this way but it does sound like paranoia.


I’d probably dip if I knew I wasn’t anonymous too.

I hope you stay.:slightly_smiling_face:

I think your safe in Asia

I am just worried that people will notice my artwork and spread rumours about me.

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I would think if people saw your artwork, it would only Elevate their opinion of you

i can see why you worry but i do hope you will not leave us over this. I think chances are small that people will find you on here… would take a lot of effort to link it all.

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