I feel like I slept my way through college

I really feel like narcolepsy took away a huge important chunk of my life. It took absolutely all my effort just to barely pass a lot of my classes. (And I failed a good chunk too!!) I never had any motivation or energy for anything and my life was just horribly depressing because I couldn’t focus on anything couldn’t really pursue any of my passions I was just constantly struggling to stay afloat. Now that it’s being treated I feel like I’m at full power again.

It made me realize that who I was as a kid isn’t dead, which is what I thought initially, that person was just asleep. Out of my brain’s imposed sedation I am now getting perfect grades in nearly all of my classes, I’m doing all my hobbies, I’m getting ahead in life again. People like me again because I’m not a zombie who is just kind of passable in everything I do anymore.

I guess the message here is that sometimes all you need is the right treatment, the right help for your disorder, whatever it may be, and it can be life changing. So don’t give up, because I swear sometime soon a med will come out (min-101 maybe??) that will target negative symptoms and being debilitated by sz will be a thing of the past. Everyone who lost them will have their old lives back. In the meantime keep pursuing every option. If I hadn’t aggressively taken control of my own healthcare and went through the LONG and ridiculously complex diagnostic process I would still be a zombie shambling through life. So if you’re there right now just know it can CHANGE.


Well, I was expecting something a little racier when I clicked your topic. But good post.


LOL OMG did not think that through at all :joy::joy: my dark secret revealed

get ya mind outta the gutter :triumph:


The gutter is the only fun place in my life lately though, lol.

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