I feel like I self diagnosed myself

Am I valid? I think I self diagnosed myself with psychosis because I started thinking that the thoughts are delusions after my friends online saying they sound like delusions… maybe i illuded myself into thinking i have it… now im screwed

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Unless you told your doc lies when talking about what was troubling you I don’t think you have self diagnosed. Although there are probably some people that just get the diagnosis schizoprenic because they can’t think of anything better to diagnose it. Me they diagnosed “schizoprenic similar”.

Well I didn’t tell lies but I’m afraid it may have sounded little more serious than in reality

Also i havent been diagnosed with sz

I don’t think you have sz unless you have consistent delusions over a long period of time when unmedicated. If you only had a spell of having delusions I’d say that could happen to just about anyone, especially if they were under the influence of something. If this is the case for you then maybe you don’t have it.

Well I had delusions for 4 years if that counts

Yeah. Then there is a good chance you have it. However sz isn’t necessarily a permanent diagnosis. Some people do get better with time and manage to get off medications. So if you feel like you are doing good now, maybe it has passed.

yeah but also early onset sz is rare (i’m 15) so doubt it

I think you are right. Maybe you just have a vivid imagination. I remember I used to daydream when I was your age while sitting in class. Teacher would call out to me and ask me a question and I would be a completely different place, which has nothing to do with having a delusion. I’m not saying that’s what you are dealing with, just making an example.

I think you should wait until you get older before making any assumptions.

Hmm maybe

Though I have asked y’all here and professionals and all say its a delusion so idk what to believe in anymore

Are you able to attend school and go about your daily life without problems?

I used to not be able, I’m more able now though

That’s a good sign.

Well I guess just keep a open mind. What you are experiencing might not mean something. I guess the best way to go about it is to consider yourself healthy and just see what happens. If things go relatively well then you probably don’t have anything to worry about.

And remember there is no such thing as being normal in this world anyway. If you feel that you are different somehow than others it might not mean that you have a mental condition by any means.

Should I go off my meds?

No. I wouldn’t do that. Never go off your meds without agreeing with your doctor.

However if you feel stable over a long period of time. Say a year. Then maybe you could say to your doctor that you are feeling good and stable and would like to either try to reduce your medication, or go completely off it.

But never quit without a doctors consent.

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I think you are only doing well because of your injection.


The injection is placebo, they don’t even bother to inject it correctly. I’ve been basically unmedicated this whole time

I got my mental illness at an early age too. My psychosis started around 15 too. I didn’t get treatment till I was 18 though.

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That sounds like what you wish reality to be, but it isn’t. I’ve been there too. Making up excuses so that reality fits into my idea of how I want things to be.

Don’t do anything rash. If you remain stable over a year they will probably reconsider your medication anyway. Just hang in there.

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No you haven’t. You’re on meds. They did not give you a placebo. That’s another paranoid delusion.


It’s not a delusion since I don’t 100% believe it