I feel like I played tackle football for two hours

Which me and my friends used to do on weekends when we were growing up. Get 10 guys together and go to the park or the school and run around in the sun or the rain for a couple hours. And the next day you would feel it, all your muscles would be sore but t was fun.

But at work on Wednesday I helped my supervisor with the assembly room, a big room where the soldiers have luncheons and big meetings and talks. He was buffing the floor with a machine. My job was to clean scuff marks off a big area than mop it. It meant bending over and scrubbing the floor with one of those green scratchy pads you use to wash dishes. I got tired from the bending right away.

At age 57 I’m a little out of shape and I was so tired that I even considered telling my boss I couldn’t do it (which is an extreme rarity for me, I always manage to do what is asked). But pride hit me and I kept going somehow. When I was 18 or 19 it would have been no big deal, I would have breezed through it easily. But I’m not 19 anymore and so I did it but then Thursday and today I paid for it. My legs and arms were really sore. I just remembered the feeling of the day after a football game. And this was it too. Oh well, no pain , no gain.

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I know your problem. I was a cheerleader when I was a teen but I surely couldn’t come close to any of that activity now. Hurts just thinking about it. I’m doing well to carry laundry up and down stairs. That’s my limit.

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