I feel like I just got lucky

All of the achievements I’ve made at school and at my previous workplaces as a translator just feel fake. Do I actually deserve to have those grades and achievements? I feel like I just got lucky and cheated my way through life as a person with psychosis.

Nevertheless you did your translator job. That is the proof you earned it, against all odds.

Some have it easy, and do not apreciatte it.
I am sure school was not easy for you.

Who is wanting all the credit for your achievements? Some people even enjoy their work.

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Yeah, massive imposter sydrome today!

I’m suffering…

You probably are smart and worked hard.

Also life does need some luck for things to go well. And heck even if we did “cheat” our way through life a bit who cares, politicians and ceos do it all the time and appologize later :sweat_smile:

Go easy on yourself. Have a nice cold drink and pat yourself on the back for making it through :blush:

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