I feel like...I have not much to say anymore....besides this poem

I feel like I am doing so well that there is not much need. There is no delusion. I only have my truths and my mistakes. Everything else is up in the Air. Which it’s ok to ponder. If it doesn’t bother you then ponder away!! But if it does then,well I feel a bit bad. Your mind should have a space to ponder. There is only poetry now. There is only writing and reason and rhythm and patterns. Actually it is math. In fact the humanities, the history, is as important as the stigmas being erased. The hatred being unseen. We need to learn from our mistakes. In the end it all just circulates in a perfect lilt. Make it perfect. Make it power. Make it pictures. Images on camera. Or images in your mind. Really it all goes away with time. Naturally. Actually. I think our ancestors would approve somewhat. I just hope we approve a bit more…you see. Society is like a tidal wave. Nothing can ruin it so bad that the whole thing is destroyed. At least not till we get to shore.


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