I feel like I have lost the energy and enthusiasm to move on life and to recover from this illness


I have tried so hard and gone so far,but I’m it looks like it’s not very well,it’s really hard for me to recover back to my life and my willpower had dropped more,have become more passive and less hopeful,but still feel okay though,just not hopeful only


Was actually working on abstaining masturbation gaming and porn but all the pressure on these had beaten me,I had go back on all these threes,I wonder will it like affect me in anyway??or is my hard work on these actually not very clever because it’s got no purpose


please don’t beat your self up. It sounds like some negative symptoms might be creeping in. It’s part of this illness.

the negative slide slowly takes away any pleasure in life… so if you enjoy something, hold on to it. Don’t avoid it completely… but balance and making sure you don’t over do is a pretty safe bet for anything.

Enjoy the games… maybe set aside two hours a day… then walk away… that way you don’t spend all day and all your money in one go.

good luck


maybe your just accepting your life the way it is schiz or no schiz with no heavy duty trip sahying I have to do/be this.


I said it before. It sounds like you are trying to change too much. You have the right idea but change is hard and takes effort. You’re trying to be: Happy. Positive. Get a girlfriend and have sex. Be independent. Laugh or smile more. Be more social, etc. Plus you’re already holding down a job (congratulations on that) but you may be taking on too much.It can be overwhelming. Maybe you need to compromise and accept the fact that you can’t change EVERYTHING about yourself and your life. There’s a reason that the Serenity Prayer has been around for so long.

The Serenity Prayer:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.