I feel like i have lost my drive and motivation to make music

I wonder if it’s because of the medication. I literally have no desire to make music. It’s almost like i lost interest.

that’s what happened to me with art… there was a point in time I was taking 3 art classes a day. I loved it so much.
the best way to put it is I’ve just simply lost interest.

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I think it’s probably just dormant for a while. You’ll pick up your groove soon enough. I go through streaks with my tunes. One day I’m all over it…the next day, ‘meh’.

But when I’m off the meds, I go off the rails mentally. Need to find that right balance of medication.

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It’s hurting me bad. I can still play my guitar to take edge off but i can’t make any new songs.

I truly believe the AP meds stunt us creatively.

But for me the choice is either dealing with writer’s block, or walking down the highway stark naked.

My family likes the first option, so I stay med-compliant.

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We’re on the same boat. I used to be a really prolific composer, nowadays I even seldomly pick the guitar, and when I do it’s just to play some old tunes from bands I had which no longer exist, tunes that linger in the back of my mind.

I learned between the bars by elliott smith a few months ago and played it for a couple of days or so, but it has become rare doing something like that and I already forgot how to play it. Still enjoy to mess around the pentatonic scale during a jam though.


Music is less intense to me also now. I dont get serious vibes from it like I used to.

I still would like to learn how to play Jazz and do solos.

There is one guy who is a successful Jazz composer and player Tom Harrell who has been on meds for a long time.

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