I feel like I have a gift

I feel like my schizophrenia actually gives me a gift of understanding situations well like I can tell if people are lying and when people are up to something bad


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Some people are good at reading others. Maybe you’re one of them. But if you believe it’s a special power then it’s likely delusional.

Maybe sz is a gift but its a bad gift!

I love being schizophrenic personally…

I think you’re saying you have good “situational awareness”. Probably not a bad thing.

I agree on the bad gift.


I miss my ‘gift’ of talking to the universe and having powers. It’s been months since I have had any type of powerful delusion. I went off my risperidone about 6 months ago. I got 2 invega injections in the hospital a year ago and I feel like they might have cured me. I spent 5 years lost in delusion and conversations with brain scientists and the universe and now, there is nothing. It’s startling and lonely. A reality check.

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Everyone has gifts, but not everyone unwraps them and puts them to use.

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