I feel like crap. Halp!

Like I wrote in “say anything”, I suddenly got an order/urge out of the blue to harm myself.
I didn’t act on it, and as the urge didn’t disappear, I went and took a Truxal, which is my prn/as-needed.

Now I feel shitty. The urge hasn’t gone away, but I’m also sweating, nauseous, dizzy, and sad/frustrated.


I have to take my nighttime meds (200mg Seroquel Prolong) in an hour, will it help, or should I do something else?
I’m trying to take my mind off the situation, but it’s like it fills my entire head.

Is there a mental health line in your area that you can call? Sounds like a voice call might help more than delayed responses in a forum. Sending (((hugs)))…

(Sorry to not answer your med question, but I don’t have the necessary expertise and any suggestions I make could be dangerous to you.)


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sounds like you are doing everything you can to deal with it, i think if it persists you should talk to your doctor.

There are two services I can call. One is called “You emergency offer”, and is ran by the people who work at the grouphome I used to live in.
The other is the pschiatric emergency room, which has people who know more about meds, but will most likely want me to come in for a face-to-face chat.
I can’t do that.

So I’m kinda torn :confused:

I tried calling the “Your emergency offer” line, but I was sent to voicemail. They’re either in a meeting, or they forgot to recharge the phone again…

You could talk to Emergency Sz team right here until your night meds edit stick with us here

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I’ll try. I don’t know what to talk about, though

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It is evening here right now. What wild animals do you like?

I like the big cats. Lions, tigers, panthers, etc.
How about you?


Hi nova. I’m feeling like crap too

I’m sorry to hear that :frowning:

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I know how you feel

Same here, i like to watch them on TV on channel

I remember you took a pic of a tiger, i never saw one closely haha


Is it a budgie?

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I like birds :slight_smile: My grandparents have a voliere with Canaries and Quails.
They used to have Zebra finks too, but they went extinct, haha.

I love sleeping at their place and listening to the birds sing in the morning.

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Yes a budgerigar indeed. I had also a blue one but died

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My blue budgie was so frikin noisy in the morning like 5 am dang because he was hungry every morning

This is voliere pigeons i think

I like them :+1:

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