I feel like a prisoner

All I do when I get home is clean and cook and my “man” doesn’t help at all. To be honest I’m looking to move out on my own aka actually own a home of my own without him knowing it. I’m sick and tired of this I have hardly any say in what happens in my own life yet I’m a servant.

U do u, if you wanna move out or whatever by all means he has no power over u.

I’m trying but it’s so hard atm. I know if I leave there’s a huge chance he’ll kill himself…

I feel for you…my girlfriend would probably commit suicide if I ever left her.

It sucks… I’ve done so much for him include almost ruin my credit

I am in love with my girlfriend so it’s not really a burden…we almost broke up once and she said she had considered taking all her pills one night when she was hopeless and we were still planning on seperating…I know now that I will probably die with Angie even though we probably will never marry.

He’s held a gun to his own head… he really shouldn’t own one.

edit…I cannot offer any advice.

I feel like a prisoner sometimes too. And my husband would kill himself if he and I were over. But I love him so right now it’s ok. I just worry what if I ever want out, what will I do?