I feel like a misfit today

Had a memory of sticking my foot in my mouth when I was about thirteen. I used a word that I wasn’t sure of the meaning of. I used it because I heard another girl use it. It turned out to be an insult. Man, was I confused and then, when I learned what it meant, I was embarrassed. The word was “conceited”.
It bothers me a little that I don’t pick up language sometimes.

hi chordy sending hugs from another misfitxxxx

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A very large portion of humanity feels like misfits at one time or another, but it does seem like I feel that way a lot more than most.

I’ve heard people say our country (US) was established by misfits. (not sure if establish is the right word)


I thought about that word. I’m thinking more about the people who came over here to settle and live after the founding and populated the land with white people - who were not satisfied with their lot in Europe t. People with wanderlust who liked wide open spaces - or had dreams of finding gold.

I guess the word might be - settled.

Yeah, settlers…