I feel like a mess

do you? I feel physically, mentally, emotionally out of shape in a horrible way to an awful degree.


sorry you are feeling that way ,i feel like that often , infact i am there now.
even after a double shot cappuccino and slice i am still in ’ crap ’ land.
take care
p.s hope you have a better day

hey its probably just the weather

I am sorry you feel the way you do, I hope this music lifts up your spirit a little, sometimes we just need a little smile.

I feel good, I started sleeping early and I woke up early to listen some happy music. I ride my bicycle every day, I get some fresh air and I use my muscles. Although I have many illnesses I have somehow found my happiness and peace. I hope you can make you to feel better, it is in our minds how we feel.

Sometimes if you start and continue with the physical fitness, the other things improve. It’s something you have control over. I agree - exercise and fresh air atre good for your mood and mental state.

thanks. I like to start my day with walking around the house on my toes for awhile. it makes me feel better. maybe some of the women here would like to try it.

last night, I played the piano. at first I sounded real depressed but then it picks up. I tend to sing to myself all day long, even at work.

sometimes participating in music is even more therapeutic than listening.

just thought I’d share.


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