I feel like a failure

My oldest son who has high functioning autism as well as adhd and tourettes syndrome is struggling so much. He can’t keep a job, he’s been drinking a lot, and on the verge of losing his license. He lives with his dad. I feel like I’ve failed him. I feel completely helpless.


All you can do is give it your best. Don’t get down on yourself. Your son having autism is not your fault.


Don’t be too hard on yourself. You haven’t failed him. There isn’t much you can do regarding his illnesses. All you can do is continue to love him and support him in his time of need.


For me the fact that you’re showing such concern means you’re anything but a failure as a mother. Failure is when your child starts to go downhill academically or at work, and as a parent you’re indifferent about it.


Diseases not peoples or their parents fault.don t worry.


I agree with everyone else…don’t blame yourself for things not having to do with you being a good mother…you care, some moms don’t.


Please don’t feel like a failure, you’re not. Everyone has their own hand to be dealt. Since you are in the “know” and not clueless it shows that you care and it sounds that you have open communication with your son. Try to inject a little positivism into it.

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