I feel like a failed safe cracker

I’ve tried every combination of supplements and finally found a combination that worked really well with abilify … For a few months.

Now I’m getting kidney aches from that combo and have to stop.

It’s pretty disheartening stuff for me.

I’m really getting tired of it all.


Sorry the broccoli sprout extract didn’t work out,

I know you were hopeful it would.

You’ll find the right combination,

Just keep trying.

We all have to keep trying.


I know how you feel, I was like 80-90% voice free on geodon, but I had to quit due to liver pains. It’s disheartening, finally having some relief only to have it taken away again.

Here’s hoping you find something else that works


When Min 101 comes out you will discover some scientific breakthrough @everhopeful

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Why did I think this subject title was about some white guy being criticized by blacks?

I’m sorry @everhopeful

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Surely you’ll find that combo eventually. Don’t give up!

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Just an update. I’m now taking the broccoli sprout extract WITH FOOD. This seems to have solved the issues. So my safe cracking career is still going strong.

I felt like that for years, not with supplements, but with medications. It took 6 years to find Vraylar and now I’m thinking about getting off and trying Clozaril. Maybe it will take a few more years for the doctors to realize I need ADHD medications again.

Yes, I have a severe mental illness. I’m in a casual loop/time loop with schizophrenia starting in my early 20s. With mine and everyone’s mind being wiped. I guess I can remember a little bit more than the average person. It’s my personal hell. I don’t want to go back. I want to live! (as Richard Alpert from Lost said haha).

Some people refuse to believe in supernatural/paranormal abilities in certain individuals. They get mad and offensive. It’s typical. At least I haven’t received any death threats yet in this life, although I had a close call in 2015.

Sorry for the rambling and going off topic. Maybe I’m trying to convince people I’m the real deal. I guess it’s called eternal recurrence/eternal return that is everything repeats indefinitely again and again forever. It’s hell for people like me.

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I used to take a nice little nootropics stack, but it was getting too expensive.

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