I feel like a beaten doll

And a beaten doll there is no fixing.


I don’t want to be one either.:disappointed_relieved:

We have to believe “Life is good.” - a quote from one of my gym-mates.

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It’s almost all a trade off you know? We all have our demons

I doubt if the demons know that life is good.

They create a balance

I call it a challenge. And, as I age, I’m not up to the challenge as much. I suppose you could also call it a fight.

Yeah for sure, life can be hard

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I literally feel like one. When I wake up, I feel like someone had hit me with a baseball bat.

That’s the nature of my degenerative disease.

sorry to hear you feel like that. But that there is no fixing i’m not so sure of =p they prob can do something to help you.

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