I feel inconfortable in my body

its bearable but its not some kind of complex but its physical… probably i lack peace. my pdoc told me that i have body hallucinations probably… now with the med i feel heavy in fact :confused: .

Your doctor sounds really apathetic about your condition. They have no idea how much suffering you are experiencing.

dont know about my doc. shte told me that she has a great ambition to help me, she seems as real motivated that ill get better. yes i suffer, i had all the predisposition- an ill father who was proned to big depressions and i lacked the communication with him… i am so lost with guys now… he insisted to education only, now i speak 4 languages but i am quite disabled for everything. i am not cool, the guys are not interested in me… me neither caus i feel quite bad still… i dont know if ill get better, i become so tense around people in order to understand what theyr are saying etc… i was litterally living in my own head without positive feelings at the time. its tough now :confused:

**It will get better @Anna1:balloon: **

I’m not cool either. I think that if someone thinks they’re cool they probably aren’t. I know this guy thing has you down but:

bows over bros.

Get out of the house and hang out with your bows!