I feel I don't thank people enough

You know who you are. I am not going to put specific names because there’s so many people I could thank but I don’t want to put anyone in front of someone else… But many people say nice things about me and I really appreciate it. It makes it very rewarding to come here. Thanks!!


That’s Sweeeeeet :candy: :nerd_face: thank you

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Your a good dude and you’ve always a wise word for the average punter! Love your work and the is empirical…just looked at my statistics and I like Nick posts more than any other…I appreciate you dude in a mathmatical way! hahah!

Seriously. You do what you do and that is more than enough! Your insight is great for this community! Keep on keeping on Friend!


See, you and @anon80629714 are fine examples of what I am talking about. Thanks @rogueone.