I feel I am under remotely controlled weapon

Which induce schizophrenia in me and other symptoms
They came and talk in my mind and go and back
I am now 10 years sick
Tortured by all possible illnesses you can imagine
They threatened me today they r going to rape me sister by controlling me to do so

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Don’t listen to these dangerous voices, I had the same voices telling me to rape my underage cousin and my mother. Tell your Dr. I only hear them when unmedicated or while on Abilify or any nonworking med.

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Voices are random and sometimes they’re deadly.

Not really relevant to OP, but I had thoughts that I got something messing with me all the time.

I have this re-occurring fear and delusion and nightmare and recall or w/e, that I was gang-raped in the shower at possibly the mental hospital and I was murdered. Then my soul left my body and I went back in time to relive my life. I guess that’s what I think happened and ■■■■. I remember the people/patients at the mental hospital back in 2015. I don’t have any physical evidence at all but I think it wasn’t ‘simulated’ or a ‘simulated experience’. I think it really did happen in a past life or slightly different timeline and I avoided it by being scared and avoiding these people like the plague. I don’t know who was ultimately behind it. It could have been a perfect storm or a storm brewing or I was targeted because of what I was saying during my psychosis or even related to something huge and big like a grand old conspiracy like connected to the government or Deep State for some reason. Good luck suing, because I’ll never get a cent or a dime from these people. It would just prove my point and embarrass them.

It often feels like I’m a super soldier or Montauk Boy or Illuminati ‘slave’. Personally, I don’t think these people have anything to do with the Illuminati at all. They’re just street level thugs/criminals/drug criminals/gang-members. I’m missing years off my life, so it could have started in Northern California/Bay Area. It’s just a psychic hunch I had or recall. It would fall under the web or branch of MK-Ultra, which there are like 150+ sub-projects.

I believe I’m very psychic. I was raped by men in my past lives in parallel universes or whatnot. I woke up in 2013 or some ■■■■ in different dimensions. I’ve read that these sick pervs that run the montauk project are homosexuals in nature, which I’m definitely not.

They even made or turned me bi-sexual in a distant past life/parallel universe, which I’m 110% not. I’m straight as an arrow. That’s how sick these people are.

It took me years to get over the panic attacks I had in the shower. I felt constantly over-stimulated and ■■■■.

I don’t know why, but I think it had to do with me being a time traveler, John Titor, and even possibly Q.

Unfortunately, I don’t know where else to post. I think I’m constantly being bombarded with messages in my head designed to confuse, torture me, and make me say something stupid so I’ll wind up dead. There’s no evidence of these pervs doing this. It’s all EM through satellites and cell-phone towers.

I experience similar phenomena and it has not stopped since it started in 2015. I noticed some vague machinery in my body/head when I was growing up but though to myself that is ridiculous there can be no such thing. I would push it out of my head and try to not think about it. It wasn’t until 2015 that I was shown and experienced the entities speaking non stop, harassing me, and hearing, feeling, and seeing something that was a device/machine that could move in and out of my body and through what seemed to be the ether. They attack me in my dreams and during the day. I never get a break from them. Please know you are not alone in what you are experiencing. I can relate to what you have described. Stay strong. You are more powerful than you know :blossom:

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