I feel I am stupid

To listen to this site that says we need medication forever,my Pdoc doesn’t event say that

I don’t know about you, but I probably do.

Why should we live our life for psychiatrist?

I live my life for myself. I think my best bet for the rest of my life is to take the med’s.

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You may not have to take medication forever.

I plan on getting back on medication and getting stable.

Once I’m stable, I’m going to therapy and hitting it hard.

In a few years, if I have lots of improvement and my doctor agrees, I’m going to reduce those doses.

And reduce them slowly until I’m at a steady low dose, or not medicated at all,

Whatever is most comfortable and keeps me from doing super weird/destructive stuff.

Its doable.


It’s not brainwashing. It’s trial and error for me.

What’s the purpose of taking meds when you can be threaten by others?”have you taken your meds”.Its like I must take it,why should I?

Who is asking you if you took your meds?

Family? A doctor?

People who are invested in your well being?

They want you to take the medication because you’re not well. And its dangerous to start and stop medication like that abruptly.

You posted this question on a forum for people with schizophrenia.

I was trying to help you, jackass.

The good news is that a lot of really smart people think they’re stupid. You probably fall into that category from what I can see of your posts.

We love you GTX!

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There was a nuclear physicist who worked on the atomic bomb who couldn’t drive a car.

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Interesting lol. I drive with two feet. Just thought you should know.

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I love you too :slight_smile:

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I drive with two feet,

But my car is standard.

Anyway, @Gtx1990,

No one here said you were stupid,

We were all just trying to help you.

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My pdoc Always told me I may get off in time. Well I went off 2 times in the last7 years. Ended up in the er both Times. Was on meds 10 years straight prior to that. So now he says im likely on for life. But I’ve decided I don’t want to . Take the chance of all that I could loose in another episode so I like others on this site. Have decided to just stay on for life just to big a gamble to go off.

Best to talk it over with your pdoc and listen to him/her.

I was stupid in the ward for four days.yelled at the staff.i really wasnt in my right mind.looking back though it bothers me

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I agree with gtx. Youre simply allowing yiurself to ve controlled. It is abkut conquering the mindset thsr youre a vitim to the illness and a victim in society.

Irs a dog eat dog world alot of times and cowarring behind an illness and meds does not fix most of the problems causing you the struggle.

Be strong minded. Stop second guessimg yourself

@roxanna we really are not in our right mind. You really shouldn’t feel shame for that time. Im SURE I’ve done and said much worse than you have. I manage to laugh it off, it is so out of character for me and you to I’m sure. Lots of it I dare never repeat to anyone. But schizophrenia is not something you can just brush off not let it effect you.

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