I feel helpless 2

I feel helpless.
I don’t know how I manage to survive.
I hope for a cure one day.
It is very difficult to get by.


Wait for a cure…

I went for a walk, it helped me with my bad feelings.


Hope for a best treatment not for a cure

I agree with @Nic_the_mountain, hope for a better treatment.
If you keep hoping for a cure, you’ll drive yourself crazy and nothing will ever be good enough because you’ll be expecting there to one day be something better that magically removes it all.

This SZ is something we have to learn to live with. We can’t make it go away by fighting it or resisting it, but we can keep it at bay by following treatment plans and taking medicines and being good to ourselves in general.

If there is treatment that gives me 100 percent cognition,
which I never had, then I would be grateful.
I don’t think it is futile to wait for a cure because humanity is going forward all the time.
Every little helps and I would be grateful even for some improvement in my cognition.
Also my weight is creeping up somewhat, I hope it’s not a trend since if it is I will have to switch medications,
and it is very bad news since I am very happy with the effects of olanzapine so far.

I don’t think anyone can promise you you’ll ever have 100% cognition, and what is 100% cognition anyways?

And I don’t think you should switch medicines just because of weight gain if it works well for you otherwise.

@Berru 100 percent cognition is what my parents and most healthy people have,
and I never had due to my schizophrenia.
And it includes both cognitive skills and proper development as a child,
like social skills at childhood, worrying about siblings etc.
Read up about the severe impairment schizophrenia inflicts even in prodromal stage.
I feel it fully fits the description in my case.

@Chess24 what does it mean 100% cognition I’m very satisfied with my cognition I’m not demential I can make many tasks I have problem with working memory but isn’t so bad…your AP is one of the best that I have tried I was able to work with it…ziprexa is really good meds much better than risperdal and invega, abilify…

@nic_the_mountain do you have schizophrenia at all?
My cognitive symptoms are very severe.

No I don’t have schizophrenia but a psychotic disorder not specified because I’m a littelbit bipolar too sometimes

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thank you for your candor.
Cognitive symptoms are so prevalent in schizophrenia that they came to be viewed as part of the disease.

Your medication is really good chess

Are you still interested in pursuing a math program? or do your symptoms get in the way?

@Nic_the_mountain yes it’s good, but it doesn’t fix my cognition.
I still suffer from severe cognitive problems.
I don’t feel olanzapine has improved my cognition so far.
@MissJennyJen I am a mess right now.
Right now I can’t, but in the future anything is possible.
My two main complaints recently(in recent months) were cognition and sleep, like low sleep quality and irregular sleep hours and problems falling asleep.
And at least in terms of sleep my sleep hours have greatly improved in recent days.
If I undergo another miracle, regarding my cognition, then I might be able to function.
I also obsessively pick my nose.
Edit: To be fair I also struggled with intrusive thoughts and voices
until very recently, olanzapine 10 mg took care of that.

It sounds like a lot. I’m sorry. I hope you’ll be able to pursue your dreams one day. I’m very happy that you have found a medication that helps with that at least.

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going for a walk = much better than waiting for a cure.
glad the walk helped you a bit :blush: