I feel healthier and less stressful avoiding milk coffee and milk

Hey guys,its been a while since i posted,i just want to let you guys know that i had stopped drinking milk coffee and milk,i really felt less stressful.I had drank milk coffee and milk for close to 7-8 years on a daily basis and had stopped addicting to them for a month…i feel great.


Hi, maybe i should try too, because i drink coffee a lot, although without milk.

now looking back,i think there is a good chance that daily coffee for very long period of time gives you confusion and more stress…but i am not sure…

maybe its the milk which contains fats makes me feel worse and not the coffee…maybe its the coffee with milk…

I’m not really subject to anxiety, just have voices… so i’ don’t feel coffee is so bad. But i’m not sure it’s good though.

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