I feel dictator of the home internet?

I prohibited all porn website on our home network coz I want to give up porn addiction
But I think I will be back any time I don’t know or may be I never return!!!idk
Do you think I will be then dictator of the network ?
Coz I do what in my interest only
No one here in home requested me to return these websites or even talk to me any thing about it !!!
But I feel dictator !!!
Any insights appreciated!!!

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Rest of the users probably never go to those sites.

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so they ll not affected right ?
it is my problem ?

Are the other users likely to be porn surfing? If they’re super young or old it’s not likely.

Where are the websites being blocked? On the router?

using dns that block it
try to find one near u
it ll block automatically but after saving and restarting

my brother and sister are in 20s :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

what should i do ?

I would stop trying to be a dictator. My step dad did that ■■■■ constantly. Made me resent him.

If you are disciplined, one of these browser plugins should help:

I used a blocker but I kept changing browsers to get around it. I think I’ll have the discipline to not be distracted soon.

It isn’t fair to the family to block sites at the router level.

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Who else do live with

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