I feel David is embarrassed

I feel like David is a little embarrassed of me… Or rather a few of my habits… Such as smoking CBD no one knows but out neighbors know I smoke CBD or vaping no one knows that either and that being said he makes me hide these items from his mother… It makes me ashamed even though I feel I have no reason to feel that way

Have you tried talking to him about how you feel?

@anon63380492 no but I have pointed out how he makes me hide it and he says his mom wouldn’t understand and I can believe that

Hmm. I think you should let him know how you feel. I understand maybe not wanting his mom to know… maybe she is more conservative? But I don’t think there is any reason to be embarrassed about your spouse smoking or vaping… unless it’s like out of hand and they act out when they do.

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I’ve voluntarily modified things about myself to appease the two sets of in-laws I have/had. Current in-laws are very conservative. Hell, my wife got a tattoo 5 years ago, and nobody in her family knows about it. If I can give you a piece of unsolicited advice, it would be that happy in-laws make for a less stressful life. We pick our partner, not their families. It is a pain in the ass, but it’s just the way the cookie crumbles. For a little but of truth in humor, check this out:

What’s the difference between in-laws and outlaws? Outlaws are wanted.

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I would like to smoke CBD. Didn’t know it was so expensive.

@anon6551389. I can buy a pack of the CBD cigarettes for $7 for 20 of them you just gotta ask for the CBD cigarettes they actually come in a pack like you’d see cigarettes in

@anon40540444. Thanks

@anon63380492. Okay thanks

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Does CBD really work for anxiety? Does it trigger any positive symptoms (obviously not for you since use it.) I used to vape nicotine for years.

@Kxev yes, I can be close to an anxiety attack and it’ll stop it and relax me within two good puffs by the end of it it’s like I didn’t have anxiety at all


Amazing. I got to try it. I have a script for xanax for anxiety, but this could really help too.

@Kxev. Try this one if you can I love this brand

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@Twialine Thanks for the tip. Woot. Something to do tomorrow.

@Kxev. No problem… I’ve tried to roll my own with CBD flower btw and I find the cigarettes are way better

I can’t roll anything. Too much work.

@Kxev. Agreed lol and rolling your own is actually more expensive

@Twialine of course its more to “Roll Your Own” lol

@Kxev. ???

Just making fun of the pros who can roll their own.

@Kxev. Oh lol I learnt how to roll regular cigarettes by watching my biological parents roll their tobacco cigarettes when I was young… Same concept

My partner rolls his own joints, it takes a lot of skill, I can’t roll a thing. I think I tried once and made a mess.