I feel completely stuck in life

I feel completely stuck in life. I cannot see one way forward at all at the moment. All I have to keep me company is memory of all my regrets, mistakes and embarassments. I have nothing to show for my life and its not just about money and cars but I have no good memories. The only way I can see myself moving forwards is to some how get off these meds.

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Do you think the meds are keeping you stagnant?

They are keeping the delusions away but after that they are sucking the life out of me. Are you on meds?

we all have regrets, mistakes etc…so do ’ normals ’
as for money and cars…i know alot of people who are rich or were…they are very unhappy people.
as for happy memories you must have laughed at a funny movie,
smiled at a joke, :smiley:
seen the beauty in nature :bird:
been in awe of fireworks on new years eve. :sunny:
hold onto one positive thought, and more will happen.
take care :alien:


If your feeling stuck due to the meds… have you talked to your doc about needing maybe some outpatient support… or a day hospital… something that can help you get going again…

for me it was a med change… when I was on high doses of Seroquel alone… I was a zombie… but when the meds got switched up… life started happening again… therapy helped also.

Good luck and I hope an answer comes your way soon.

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Talk to your doctor about a med. change. There’s no good reason why you should have to live your life in misery. Maybe you could try an anti-depressant. When I was on Haldol my life was totally joyless. Those were by far the worst years of my life. You deserve better than that.

You say that you have no good memories. I think that all of us have some good memories, we have done something good in the past, you may want to create a list of all good events in your past life. However I agree that we tend to focus on bad things that have happened to us, which is ok in some case if we want to prevent any of these bad things happening again. Some sunshine to you.

Maybe it ain’t the meds you just feel crap at moment, you need a support worker

I think part of the trick is to keep creating new good memories, even if the meds are dampening the mood. Doing stuff is important, even if it’s as simple as going to visit a museum for a day.

I don’t think the meds are causing that much misery. I was doing excellent on the first one year of Geodon. Sometimes you just need a new mindset. Is there anything that you used to enjoy doing before becoming ill? I think the little things matter more in life, watching the sunrise, enjoying your cup of coffee, watching comedy. Maybe you could take a new hobby of cooking? I notice when I make good and eat food, I really feel satisfied. :meat_on_bone:

Do you have any old pictures and albums that you could look and cherish? I’m sure you have made some great memories.

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