I feel beautiful - content

Ok maybe I’m not really a size 0. But I am feeling more and more content with what I see. I really hope to lose more. I want to be a size 12. A healthy weight.


I don’t know what you look like but you have a beautiful soul Ish. :smile:


I am a size 14. I feel OK with this size. I used to be a size 10 when unmedicated. I only eat 2 meals a day and still got some weight from the meds.


It’s good to hear from you again. It’s been a while since you were here. How have you been?

Hello, Twang. I’m doing well, thanks for asking. I just started to write a book in Chinese language, about culture and globalization. It’s a hard job but this kind of work makes me happy. How are you going?

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Thank you for asking too. My wife has had health problems for the last two months and it has been stressful for both of us, her as a patient and me as a caretaker.

My mother-in-law once said to me, “Everything bothers you” and that’s how we’ve been feeling for a while now!

Glad you’re doing well and that your life is taking a constructive turn.

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I’m size 16 uk so even if I go down to a size 14 I’d be happy but my goal is size 12

True beauty comes from the inside. Just believe in yourself. :slight_smile: