I feel bad mentally without vaping nicotine

I got this locally for 20$ from a vape shop that my friend opened, I like watermelon and cherry, this is black cherry:

I think I fked up my nicotine receptors. I don’t feel the nicotine high anymore even with 50mg/mL nic salt which is the strongest…I am vaping much less, I guess it doesn’t matter anymore if I vape or not.

I can’t feel nicotine anymore, not even 50mg/mL Nic Salt no matter how long I vape.
Did I fry my nicotine receptors from too much nicotine? 50mg/mL is the maximum in the market and doesn’t hit me at all.

You probably did.

I would suggest try to lay off it for a while, if you can, even though the first two weeks are gonna be hard

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I also can’t feel nicotine anymore but still vape im pretty sure its due to antipsychotics

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I was feeling nicotine before when on ap, it stopped once when my pdr prescribed me an antidepressant that’s also used to stop smoking by blocking nicotine in the brain. I felt nicotine again after stopping the ad for 4 months, I had upped nicotine to 40mg/mL and now 50mg/mL.
Idk now why I feel nothing, maybe its both the ad that reduced nicotine receptors and the ap blocking dopamine.

I think it still gives you psychological benefit…it’s just that you don’t feel the buzz.If you stop,you will feel worst mentally,I am not saying you should continue vaping.I couldn’t use more then 20mg,I will get OD,I don’t know why and people seems to do ok with 50mg daily use

We have different genetics, some are more sensitive to nicotine, caffeine and meds.

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