I feel bad for making dark and twisted beliefs, I am not feeling well

I had dark, twisted fantasies and beliefs. Ones my psychiatrist told me that I have Delusional Disorder. When I was very delusional, I posted my very dark and delusional fantasies. I didn’t mean to scare others, what should I have done? I’m sorry!

Lol… Stop apologising every second maybe.

Just kidding.

It’s done now. U can’t go back to that.

You just need to deal with the consequences

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We all have twisted thoughts from time to time.


Yea om is right. Don’t demonise it.

It’s totally normal

You’re okay :monkey_face:


Thank you! I agree.

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Honestly if I told u wat I did during psychosis I might get suspended.

It was really twisted.

You are not alone,

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Thank you! It makes sense.

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What I do when I have had darker intrusive thoughts is wash my hands of the guilt, but own that if I ever had urges with the uncomfortable thoughts that I would seek help. I made it a non negotiable rule that if I ever wanted to act on my intrusive thoughts I would get help ASAP.

I know that experiencing these thoughts is very different from a psychotic perspective versus an OCD intrusive thoughts perspective, but maybe you could apply the same principle? It doesn’t help to beat yourself up over it, but I would own it and recognize that you need help fast if you ever want to hurt someone.


Well said @Squanchy


As long as you’re not acting on your beliefs, that doesn’t seem so bad. And you seem apologetic for them, which is also good


Is there any friends or family you can reach out to? Getting in touch with someone in a physical sense might do you some good. We are more vulnerable when alone than together with other people.

Try to avoid anything that triggers you dark thoughts. It’s not wrong to have them, but you have to try and listen to your body if there is something that triggers them, like watching horror movies or thinking about revenge or whatever else.