I feel as if I am alone when

finish this sentance, and then I will finish it with something that might help someone with this issue.

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I feel as if I am alone when I get delusions related to sex, shorts, swimsuits, and anything else that shows skin. It’s not so bad now that I’m on the right medication, though.


I feel as if I am alone when I start to feel worse or think about the future.

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I feel as if I am alone when I feel like people can tell I have a mental illness and look down on me because of it

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I feel as if I am alone when I am in a crowded room filled with people.

Maybe this might help someone anyone.

1.) Always remember when you are feeling alone that you are never truly alone due to the fact you always have one special person you may be able to go to later on and share this with them.
2.) You will always have something beyond explanation to keep you company even though you never see it .
3.) To realize your never really only as long as you have faith in something other than yourself.

I hope this helps someone :slight_smile:

Even if they think you have mental illness, you must remember they do too , but just haven’t been told or shown it yet in some fashion or form.

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Try thinking of only about today then slowly work for tomorrow ?

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