I feel anxiety of how to improve

I read all techniques of learning. Third half of a book I read. Still it’s frustrating to make a plan. But I don’t want to give up. I don’t want to play video game mindlessly I need to practice my skills with purpose deliberately.

Become master just by playing is not gonna happen. I need to think of mental representations. I need to build strategy of how to improve.

I don’t want to play video game because I don’t know what to practice when I am playing

I mainly play FPS, I am always good in them.
They don’t require much thinking lol

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Specifically, what skill do you want to improve?


If I knew I would improve

Do you feel challenged

Not much in FPS, I can maintain a 2+KDR.
Rarely there is people with 2.5-3KDR, sniper campers.

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just play League man, it can be more lucrative and if you come from starcraft it will be so easy!

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So you don’t know what’s bothering you. How is your temper when you don’t get your own way?

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No it’s not easy too many champs to learn and understand.

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