I feel a lot better now

i am now taking a double dose of amisulpride 400mg instead of 200mgs each day (still a low amount) but it works great except for a few side effects like deep anxiety mostly in the upper abdomen area :confused: it sucks but i have pregablin for it it does stop me doing a lot of stuff though,

i just hope it doesnt hold me back bc i really want to have a go at this dog walking thing and maybe something else.

i’m waiting for a p/doc appt at my mental health clinic, my GP wrote to them to get someone to see me so it shouldnt be long now and its to discuss meds and stuff.

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keep to your dreams. But always have a back up. My dream was to be a nurse, was well on my way, and this damn diagnosis kicked me in the teeth preventing me from doing it. so now I’m back to my back up dream, Land Scape Designer. Just started Monday, an I love it!

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thats great, landscape designer sounds amazing

its a lot of fun, it really is. The real work starts this spring, when we actually start working on peoples yards, but I thank god (or whoever is in charge, not judging) for the management courses I took during college, I am actually a ‘Landscape Design Foreman’ I am the guy in charge…very hard for a 25 year old to get that job, but my new boss was so impressed by my will to get moving and get a job even with my bad leg and SZ that he offered me six months guaranteed of work, and if I prove myself this spring/summer/fall, I will have a job for life with this company.

So yeah keep your head up, I thought I was doomed to living on SSDI for the rest of my life, but my Roommate my best friend and my GF all kept at me to keep my resume out there, and someone spotted it!

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